~Song of Fulfillment~

Founded by His Eminence KALU RINPOCHE

Directed by Venerable LAMA LODU RINPOCHE

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Kagyu Droden Kunchab, established in 1974, is dedicated to the ultimate benefit of all sentient beings. By supporting the center through your membership, you connect with the boundless merit of those who brought Buddha-Dharma to the West. As a supporting member you merge with the highest intentions of Kalu Rinpoche, Lama Lodu Rinpoche and other bodhisattvas.
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Kagyu Droden Kunchab
1892 Fell Street, San Francisco,
California 94117, USA
(415) 752-5454

Lama Lodu Rinpoche leads the New Year Mahakala Practice

Tues. Dec 27th - Torma Day

Wed. Dec 28th - Sun. Jan 1st - Practice Days

KDK, 1892 Fell St., San Francisco

Every year, KDK does a special year-end practice of Mahakala. Tibetan Vajrayana practitioners generally does this practice at the end of every year; this is common to all Vajrayana practitioners. Each lineage has their own specific protector. For the Shangpa Kagyu lineage, the protector is the Six-Arm Mahakala. Most Vajrayana Buddhists adopted Mahakala because he is the essence of compassion of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and is the manifestation of the Great Compassionate One, the Avalokitesvara. Most Tibetan monasteries do this practice at the end of the Tibetan year, but we at KDK accommodate the Western schedule and do this practice the last week of every calendar year.

This is a very auspicious opportunity to perform the Sadhana of the Great Wisdom Protector from 4 AM in the morning to 7 PM in the evening. This practice is the method to purify past negative actions and misfortunes of the past year, and set conditions for the coming new year to be auspicious and fulfill every wish according to the Dharma.

People can provide their name of deceased family and relatives to overcome the Bardo state. Furthermore, they can give the names of living people who are facing difficulties in their life, physically and mentally, or business obstacles or any kind of obstacles to the fulfillment of their wishes, so that they may have blessings to overcome those obstacles. Also, people can help, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as cooking, and whatever they can contribute, this event will give them the opportunity to accumulate profound and powerful merit and wisdom.

If someone is fortunate and generous to be able to sponsor the meals as well as the daily ganachakra offerings (daily budget of $100), that is another way you can directly contribute and accumulate both merit and wisdom. If you wish, please call to KDK (415) 752-5454 and describe how you will be able to help during this time.

Also, you can come and sit during the meditation sessions. If you have the sadhana and can read Tibetan, you can participate, if not you can just observe the ritual ceremony and you will immediately gain some positive experience. KDK is the primary sponsor, but KDK is also giving the opportunity for you to be involved in any way you can to contribute for this purpose. You are welcome to donate via PayPay, check, cash or however you are able. The PayPal donation page is:

On the last day, January 1st is the ending day of this ritual ceremony and there will be a candle light ceremony. We invite everyone for this special occasion; the candle symbolizes that when you have darkness, the light eliminates the darkness. Whereas we were previously veiled and walked into the cause of suffering due to darkness, now there is the candle light which represents the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhas. With the darkness eliminated, we can see what is truly there and follow the path without mistake. Generally, this ceremony is done at first light, but because many students come from far away, we begin this ceremony at 10 AM. We hope all the students of KDK can gather at 10 AM on January 1st. We will do a big ganachakra offering and share the blessings and end with auspicious prayers of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and begin to enjoy the New Year.